Wynn Resorts Limited appoints trio of women to its Board of Directors

Still hurting from the February resignation of its Chief Executive Officer, Steve Wynn, amid numerous allegations of sexual misconduct and American casino operator Wynn Resorts Limited has announced the appointment of three experienced female executives to its Board of Directors.

Las Vegas-based Wynn Resorts Limited explained that the appointments of Margaret ‘Dee Dee’ Myers, Betsy Atkins and Winifred ‘Wendy’ Webb as independent directors are part of its commitment to bolstering the composition, experience and skills of its Board of Directors, which now encompasses eleven members with 36% being female.

“I am thrilled to welcome these highly qualified independent directors to our Board of Directors,” read a Wednesday statement from Matt Maddox, the new Chief Executive Officer for Wynn Resorts Limited. “We have made it a priority to implement meaningful change at Wynn Resorts Limited and are committed to elevating our corporate governance practices and fostering a diverse an 7BALL d inclusive workplace.”

Probably best known for serving as White House Press Secretary during the first term of President Bill Clinton, Myers is a crisis and strategic reputation management and communications consultant and currently works as Worldwide Public Affairs and Corporate Communications Executive Vice-President for Warner Bros Entertainment. She also has experience as a contributing editor for Vanity Fair while her 2009 book Why Women Should Rule the World became a New York Time bestseller in making the case for increased female leadership in politics, business and communities.

For her part, Atkins is a serial entrepreneur and founder of venture capital firm Baja Corporation while her vast array of knowledge covers corporate governance, technology and digital transformation initiatives. A three-time Chief Executive Officer, her work on corporate governance has been published by the National Association of Corporate Directors, Forbes, The Financial Times and Business Insider and encompasses areas as diverse as retail and financial services to healthcare and hospitality.

Finally, Webb spent some 20 years working as a senior executive at The Walt Disney Company including as its Shareholder Services and Investor Relations Senior Vice-President before going on to assume the post of Chief Executive Officer for Kestrel Advisors. She now moreover serves as a director for facilities management firm ABM Industries and software innovator 9 Spokes alongside co-chairing the non-profit Women Corporate Directors organization in Los Angeles, California.

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“In addition to strengthening our Board of Directors, these appointments make Wynn Resorts Limited a global leader in board diversity,” read the statement from Maddox. “These appointments signify a turning point for us and I look forward to working with each of our new directors as we usher in a new era at Wynn Resorts Limited.”