Partypoker Against the Machines: More Bots Suspended

partypoker shut down 13 poker bots in SeptemberSince December 2018, the operator has eliminated over 650 bots from the siteA sign that bot activity could be coming to an end on partypoker

Partypoker has been on a mission to shut down all of the bots on its sites, and it has been doing a tremendous job so far. In September, the number of eliminated bots was down from previous months – which is a good sign overall.

The initiative was started in December 2018 and, since then, partypoker has shut down over 650 bots and reclaimed $1.1 million from fraudulent accounts. The mission has proven to be a great success, and it could be putting an end to partypoker bots altogether.

In August, partypoker shut down 48 bot accounts and recovered $180,000. In September, that number dropped to just 13 bots. What this seems to indicate is that there are fewer bots on the network overall.  

It is also a sign that the cheaters who run the bot accounts are avoiding partypoker. The initiative has certainly dissuaded anyone considering using bots to stay away, and there is the possibility off a bot-free future on the site.

“The site continues to invest in resources aimed atsafeguarding the safety of its player jili777 s,” reads a statement from a recentpartypoker press release.

The initiative to eliminate bots is comprised of a specialist Poker Fraud Team. It is a group of former poker professionals, who work together to investigate any suspicious behaviour on the site. They have been doing a bang-up job so far, and will continue keeping players on partypoker safe.

The bot battle is just one of several things that partypoker has been doing to improve the player experience. Over the course of the last year, the operator has made a number of changes to its software that benefit recreational players as well as pros.

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Firstly, decision times have been reduced both pre-flop and post-flop to keep the action moving across all games. The company also banned the use of HUDs (Heads Up Displays) to stop sharks from targeting more inexperienced players.

There are even more changes in store in the future, as well. Antes will be re-introduced in some cash games, and players will be able to export anonymous hand histories.

This is all part of partypoker’s FairPlay initiaitive, which has been holding true to its name. Thanks to the site’s commitment and hard work, players can really enjoy a fair and safe online poker experience.