New Jersey Congressman seeks support in PASPA review via the Trump Administration

In an effort to see sports betting legalized in the state of New Jersey, Congressman Frank Pallone Jr. is looking to the administration of President Donald Trump. This week, Pallone sent a letter to Acting Solicitor General Jeff Wall for assistance when it comes to the United States Supreme Court hearing the appeal of the state in regards to their latest rejection of sports betting efforts.

Back in January, the Supreme Court delayed their decision on whether they would be hearing the appeal from the Third Circuit Court of Appeals. Instead of hearing the case, the court asked for the solicitor general to file a brief for the federal government.

In the letter to the solicitor general, Pallone stated that the state of New Jersey should have the same opportunity to proceed with offering sports betting as other states have been allowed. The Congressman said that the decisions by the Third Circuit have ‘usurped the power’ of the state as well as residents to share in the considerable profits that would be generated from the industry.

Pal 7BALL CX lone has continued to be a strong supporter of sports betting for the state and feels the option will help to improve casino gaming in New Jersey. Pallone along with Representative Frank LoBiondo has created measures to see New Jersey begin to offer such gambling options.

The fight for sports betting in the state has been ongoing for some time. Back in October, the horse racing industry asked the Supreme Court to change the decision made by the appeals court in August, yet another setback in the fight for sports betting.

A law signed by Governor Chris Christie in 2014 to allow sports betting was thrown out by the court due to the court ruling the law was in violation of the 1992 federal ban on sports betting, known as the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, or PASPA. The 2014 law was considered to be in violation as it was not approved or regulated by the state.

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The federal law from 1992 states that sports betting is not allowed in any state expect the following: Delaware, Nevada, Oregon and Montana. These states were grandfathered in when the law was created.

In their efforts to see sports betting legalized, New Jersey has faced opposition from seemingly every corner, including major professional sports leagues such as the MLB, NFL and NBA.

The state argues that the PASPA is in violation of the 10th amendment where powers that are not expressly reserved for the federal government within the United States constitution are delegated to the states.

Pallone may be able to gain some support in the matter if President Trump’s pick for solicitor general is approved. It seems Wall may not be in support of the sports betting challenge but Noel Francisco, the nominee of Trump, could help the state in their efforts to see sports betting legalized.