Million-Dollar Pool up for Grabs for the 2023 PGT Championship

Set to start next week, the 2023 PGT season is expected to gather some of the best-ranked poker players.

PGT Championship Pits the Best Poker Players

The prestigious P lodivip GT Championship will feature a staggering $1,000,000 prize pool. The winner of the 2023 PGT will collect a hefty $50,000 prize along with the title PGT Player of the Year. According to PokerGO, seats for the 2023 PGT Championship will be awarded to the top 40 PGT players.

Additionally, a separate group of “Dream Seat” winners will also have the chance to join the prestigious event. Those dream seats include players that secured exclusive entry to the PGT Championship via unique promotions and special events.

“In addition to the $1,000,000 PGT Championship prize pool and $50,000 season-long leaderboard prize, series leaderboard bonuses of $50,000 will be awarded for each of the PokerGO Cup, US Poker Open, and Poker Masters, and $25,000 for each of the PGT Mixed Games and PGT PLO Series,“

a statement released by PokerGO explainsThe PGT Delivers Unique Opportunity for Poker Players

Mori Eskandani, PokerGO’s president, explained that one of the main goals of the PGT is to help expand the popularity of poker while delivering unique entertainment for some of the best poker players. He pointed out that the PGT Championship will meet some of the best poker players in the world who will compete for a $1 million prize pool. Moreover, Eskadani said that the Championship will “provide an exclusive group of PGT Championship Dream Seat winners with an opportunity of a lifetime to compete in one of poker’s most prestigious events.”

“The PGT is committed to growing the game at the highest levels and celebrating the best players in the world.“

Mori Eskandani, president of PokerGO

Elsewhere in the world of poker, earlier this week, GGPoker became a title sponsor of the 15th edition of the Dublin Poker Festival. The leading poker operator joined forces with the Festival which is set to run between February 16 and February 26.

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