GRID and BETER Team up for Esports Data-Powered Solutions

GRID, which has developed a powerful data platform, and BETER, which is a company that focuses on the provision of esports insights and betting services, are looking to add even more insights to the latter’s portfolio.

New Data Feeds to Provide Powerful Esports Experiences

Essentially, GRID is powering BETER with its official data feeds which allows BETER to enrich its product offering. BETER will now benefit from new modelling technologies that GRID can share with its new partner, boosting the core product’s offer.

BETER’s partners will similarly have access to new titles that are covered by the company’s esports insight products, including VALORANT. BETER esports general manager Evgeniy Bekker welcomed the opportunity to team up and create value for customers:

Ensuring we have access to official data feeds within o lodivip ur esports portfolio is of the greatest importance, which is why we are extremely pleased with this new holistic approach to our partnership with GRID.

BETER esports general manager Evgeniy Bekker

He explained that clients had confidence in BETER’s products and the company’s ability to bring the most worthwhile and comprehensive betting options to the market, which is precisely why the partnership with GRID had taken place.

GRID chief sales officer Mikael Westerling also welcome the opportunity to team up with BETER.  Westerling argued that secure and quality data can open new doors to innovation in the betting space and gaming sectors, precisely why this partnership has happened.

BETER can now bring improved betting experiences for its customers by leveraging GRID Data, Westerling concluded. BETER has been growing its footprint in the esports sector rapidly. The company committed to more Dota 2 coverage and events through a partnership with ESportsBattle earlier this year, looking to move stronger in esports.  

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