Enteractive to Work with Spinwise.com on Retention and Engagement

The partnership in question has to do with Spinwise, an established operator that runs numerous brands across various jurisdictions. Moving forward, Enteractive will assist Spinwise and help the operator to reactivate and better engage with players and dormant accounts.

Helping Gambling Operators Lev lg777 erage Their Knowledge

The goal is to boost the player bases for the operator and its brands by tapping into its existing user base. Spinwise.com CEO Peter Kovisars has welcomed the opportunity to team up with Enteractive and seek to reengage players, bringing plenty of worthwhile opportunities for the brand, and players as well.

Kovisars explained that the company and its brand needed a more personalized approach to renew entertainment and maximize performance. “Enteractive will target those audience segments which we’ve seen will respond better to more direct and personal engagement,” the executive explained.

Enteractive chief business officer Andrew Foster was similarly pleased with the development and he said that his company had experience in working with international customer bases, driving success and results for its partner operators. Foster added:

They see the untapped potential of the lapsed player accounts, and Enteractive has the right mix of technology and reactivation agents to make a considerable difference in active player revenues.

Although a fairly new company in this particular sphere, Enteractive has been in the spotlight over the past months, as the company has been able to deliver the desired results industry-wide and for a number of brands. Enteractive’s first forays into reactivation and engagement were with Winnerz, an iGaming brand, with the campaign driving significant results for all parties involved.

Enteractive Brings Decade-Long Reactivation Experience to Gambling

Enteractive has been reactivating and working on retaining player bases for the past 12 years, and it has duly carried over its decade-long expertise into the online gaming sector which has been paying off dividends to various brands. With Spinwise.com the latest to undertake a similar journey, both the company and Enteractive are confident in the long-term success of the partnership.

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Previously, Enteractive has teamed up with Coolbet, another prominent and respected brand, to help it grow its footprint in Latin America and drive better engagement and retention with its local audiences in the region.