Choosing An Affiliate Network To Make Money Online With The Italian Gambling Industry

If you’re reading this, you are probably familiar with online casinos, but did you know the industry is worth billions of dollars? According to gambling industry analysts, the projected market growth rate from 2021 to 2028, is 13.70 percent, reaching $144.74 billion. Accessing casino games is getting easier too, with some even available on smartwatches now. The iGaming casino category is likely where most people spend their time if they are committed gamblers looking to make some money online. If you’re passionate about casino games, another option to boost your bank account online is to become a casino affiliate.

The way these programs work is that each affiliate acts as a small, independent marketer for the other company. They are compensated (commission) by driving traffic to a casino, and successfully promoting its products and services on their website, social media platform, blog, etc. The amount of money an online casino affiliate can make depends on the casino, campaign promotion, and performance.  Among the factors that will determine it, are the casino games available, how many players are recommended/referrals, and of those, how many convert (joining, making a deposit, and placing a bet(s), etc..). Due to the nature of the business, affiliate earnings have a wide range.

These agreements benefit both the casino operator/company and the affiliate by attracting new players and increasing business, and being rewarded for successful referrals. Another factor that influences the amount of money that can be earned, is the country or countries you target your offers. For instance, the US, Latin America, the UK, and the Italian iGaming industry, are iGaming markets known to be particularly profitable.

How To Start A Gambling Affiliate Business

Starting a gambling affiliate business may seem challenging, but it may be easier than you think. You don’t need to be a company; anyone can dive into it with just a website. Keep in mind, though, that affiliate programs are abundant out there, and choosing the right one for you will require a little homework. You may also find that at times it can be a challenge to distinguish between casino affiliates from casino websites. They use similar language and imagery to attract users to sign up and play. However, there are ways to distinguish one from the other. For instance, affiliates don’t offer games, they feature multiple brands, and, of course, referrals play a major role on an affiliate website. A casino affiliate’s primary objective is to get people to join one of their casino partners.

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Planning A Website or Blog

One of the first things you need to do is plan your website if you don’t already have one. Make it easy for users to find it online and to do that you’ll need to know at least the basics of SEO optimization. A major reason why iGaming is flourishing is access. Mobile devices now account for a majority of internet traffic, so it follows that your website should be mobile-friendly to generate revenue. Prove to readers through your content that you know your business and that you are an authority in the field. Make sure gambling terms and conditions (T&Cs) are readily available to clients and only feature reliable and licensed casinos.

Put the Work In

If building a successful online casino affiliate website is your goal, you’ll want to begin by finding out what’s currently trending in the iGaming market, and to do that you’ll need to do a little homework. You will need to choose the niche, e.g., online slots, sports betting, live dealer casino, bingo, etc., you plan to focus on, choose a domain name and hosting, and produce a lot of high-quality content that appeals to the target audience. You’ll also need to keep the website current and promote your website. Remember, in most cases, you’ll be competing against companies that have been active in the sector for many years. Establishing a working relationship with casino representatives will aid in that effort.

Deciding On Jurisdiction

Another determination you’ll want to make when selecting which country or countries to pursue for your gambling affiliate offers is, whether or not online gambling is legal in the country. In many parts of the world, gambling is illegal, and it is imperative you know where there is legal regulated gambling. Moreover, you would be wise to choose a country with a sizeable population and look at where the most dense regions are within that country. It makes sense that the larger the population, the more potential customers there are. Lastly, the country’s average income level should also be considered. Typically, people who are wealthier and have greater disposable income are more likely to gamble, and are also more inclined to spot an online scam, so your offer must be transparent, trustworthy and high-quality.

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Affiliate Networks

If you are determined to start this kind of business, you can reach out to affiliate networks to make the entire process a lot easier. For example, if you’re thinking about targeting the iGaming market in Italy, where in 2024 revenue is projected to reach US$3.21 billion, is a leading gambling affiliation network in the European country, and with their backing, you will be able to start ssbet77 working immediately, even if you don’t have a VAT number. Moreover, they will provide you with all of the marketing material you need. More importantly, you can count on the team’s expertise and know-how to boost your traffic channel while ensuring that you operate legally, complying with the limits of the gambling advertising ban imposed by the Italian authorities. Dealy will have you working immediately with their deals, which are the result of long-standing relationships and negotiations with the leading online casino, sports betting and poker operations from more than 30 legal gaming operators.

Final Thoughts

In this day and age, anyone can make money online working remotely thanks to affiliate marketing. That being said, the odds of your business being a success are poor if you don’t have an experienced team to guide you safely toward concrete results. Therefore, it is recommended to work with networks that are already established in the industry and can expedite the process. Remember, a casino affiliate program that is well-structured has the potential to boost traffic, improve brand visibility, and increase profits considerably since referrals are their bread and butter.